8 of the Best Executive Coaches to Help You Grow Professionally

We aren’t meant to navigate our career life alone. The leaders at the top didn’t fall there; they climbed, and they had support while doing it. Maybe you are experiencing a career plateau or have struggled to continue climbing the ranks. Or perhaps you have lost sight of your own professional goals and motivations. Executive coaches are here to help you climb while relieving you of the common stress and overwhelm associated with trying to do it alone.

So if you are in your career where you feel ready to take the next step, seek an executive coach to help guide you. No matter what your business goals are, there is someone out there made to be your executive coach!

An executive coach can help you reach the next level in your career and unlock untapped potential. Time is of the essence, and working with a leadership coach is an investment in yourself and your future. 

Understanding the broad range of specialties and coaching philosophies is a great step toward identifying what you are looking for in your personal coaching journey. Take time to learn about the different coaching approaches below and learn why they are some of the top executive coaching choices to get you to the next level in your career.

Meet 8 of the Best Executive Coaches

We have listed 8 of the most notable executive coaches who have made a name for themselves in the business world. So meet some of the best executive coaches in the field and find inspiration for your next big career move.

1. Marie Horvath

Marie Horvath is considered one of the top female coaches in the industry. Named Silicon Valley’s #1 executive coach, Horvath is a highly sought-after mentor, particularly in the uncertain times of the current business landscape.

High-profile executives from companies including Meta, Google, Apple, and Amazon have turned to Marie Horvath for her expertise in high-performance habits and coaching methods. Horvath’s coaching focuses on helping her clients land better jobs, increase their productivity and salary, and regain a passion for their work. 

Horvath’s coaching comes with the assurance that you will reach the next level in your career within 90 days, backed by a money-back guarantee. The main pillars of achievement that clients gain with Horvath’s executive coaching include:

  • How to build confidence as a leader
  • How to stand out in your organization and earn substantial promotions
  • How to overcome self-doubt and climb the corporate ladder
  • How to stay accountable so that you can ambitiously reach your goals
  • How to fulfill your potential and gain renewed motivation

Prospective clients can acquaint themselves with Horvath’s work by downloading a free copy of her book Turning the Tables. She details how to find the right coach, make more money, and gain clarity in your professional life. 

2. John Mattone

Considered globally as the world’s top executive coach, John Mattone is the founder of multiple leadership development companies and the best-selling author of The Executive Coach’s Handbook. Mattone has been a coach to business and global leaders, including Steve Jobs and Deepak Chopra. 

Mattone has created a blueprint for his clients through a four-phase executive coaching process. He believes that greatness and change begin within, making his first phase awareness, followed by assessment, action, and achievement. 

His coaching platform offers multiple options for his clients that vary by assignment numbers and direct coaching hours. Clients choose a leadership plan that best fits their career path. These leadership plans are broken down into three categories:

  • Intelligent Leadership Coaching for High Potentials and Emerging Leaders
  • Executive Coaching for VPs, Directors, and Managers
  • C-Level Executive Coaching

The time a client invests in their coaching relationship ranges from 3 to 12 months and 20 to 78 direct coaching hours. Clients can get an idea of Mattone’s values and coaching approach by reading his blog, named the world’s #1 executive coaching and business coaching blog.

3. Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala is one of the top executive coaches serving the LQBTQ+ community of business professionals. Sarah Scala Consulting is a woman-owned business and certified LGBT business enterprise. She has been coaching clients worldwide for over 25 years.

Sarah offers professional coaching with the added element of identity safety for her LGBTQ+ leaders to navigate individual challenges and identify their growth goals. Her blog begins with an overview of the difference between traditional leadership coaching and LGBTQ+ executive coaching for prospective clients. 

Sarah’s coaching sessions are held via video or phone, and her executive coaching clients receive the following:

  • A personalized LGBTQ+ coaching package tailored to a client’s specific identity and business goals
  • Recommended practices and exercises for individual growth between sessions
  • Weekly or bi-monthly 50-minute private coaching sessions for a minimum of 6 sessions to ensure progress
  • Ongoing email and phone support between sessions, including two “emergency calls”  per month

Testimonials from Sarah’s clients praise her for effectiveness and dedication to creating a safe space for vulnerability and growth. In addition to her one-on-one coaching practice, Sarah is often hired by organizations for team coaching and to hold Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) conferences and workshops. 

4. Nayla Bahri

Dr. Nayla Bahri is one of CoachCompare’s own executive coaches and a driving force behind her client’s bold goal-setting and meaningful impact on the world. Dr. Bahri focuses deeply on helping her clients identify work that reflects their values and character. 

Dr. Bahri offers extensive coaching services and leadership development for both organizations and individual clients. She partners with companies in the following ways:

  • 1-1 coaching for senior and executive leaders
  • Keynote workshops and small group coaching for leaders
  • Employee and manager coaching groups
  • Certification and training programs

Bahri’s individualized coaching is a collaboration with her clients that is engaged and confidential. Clients are asked to be honest, open, and able to dedicate 1-3 hours weekly to her coaching program. Her genuine connection with her clients, paired with her expertise and experience, is what helps her clients move forward toward their goals. 

Get to know Dr. Bahri virtually by listening to her podcast, where she has hosted over 150 episodes dedicated to helping her listeners become their most successful selves. 

5. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a renowned leadership and executive coach to celebrities and the business world alike. Likely a household name, Robbins is among the most famous executive coaches. He is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and has been named the #1 life and business strategist. 

The list of high-profile clients that Robbins has worked with is a testament itself to the immeasurable value of his work as a coach. Would you believe he has coached the infamous Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bill Clinton during his time in office? He continues to coach millions globally through his live seminars and educational videos. 

Robbins has built a world-class team of executive coaches who are aligned with his approach and range from business strategists to leadership coaches to peak performance strategists. 

Individuals can access Robbins’ coaching materials through multiple resources, including his blog, podcast, Netflix documentary, personal tools and quizzes, and breakthrough app. Consider utilizing Robbins’ multiple resources as a jumping-off point to help you discover your own direction in your professional journey. 

6. Dr. D Ivan Young

Dr. D Ivan Young is a top executive coach in his field, a certified professional diversity coach, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He is the author of Another You, an Amazon bestselling book offering inspirational teaching methods to help readers break down barriers and spark new ways of thinking. 

Young is hailed as one of the top executive coaches in the nation and serves as an executive advisory board member for the Black Life Coaches Association. Dr. D Ivan Young has been featured on nearly every major national news outlet, Access Hollywood, radio, and podcast programs, and has guest appeared as an expert on TV one’s hot program, Fatal Attraction.

His vast list of credentials and work makes Dr. Young one of the most famous executive coaches. His renowned executive coaching services are accessible to everyone, from licensed professionals and entrepreneurs to public figures. Young’s clients experience an average return of $100,000 on their investment for his executive coaching services. 

One of the highlights of Young’s practice is his alternative financing offer. He helps clients qualify for loans and secure the funds they need so that everyone can access his executive coaching services and experience a coaching relationship with one of the top executive coaches around.

7. Tristan Wright

Named the “business sherpa” and one of the top business coaches to follow in 2023, Tristan Wright helps clients reach their ultimate objectives. Different from many coaches, he does not claim to be an “accountability buddy,” and prides himself on his directive coaching skills. Many client testimonials speak to the effectiveness of Wright’s direct feedback and productive use of coaching time spent with his clients. 

Wright’s “Evolve to Grow” coaching approach is broken into five key components:

  • Clarify your vision and craft a statement of intent
  • Gather and analyze data to create a robust business plan 
  • Formulate your strategy as a blueprint to plan to follow
  • Strategy implementation and action
  • Evaluate the results and maintain efficiency

Tristan supports clients through one-on-one coaching, business evolution circles, and business diagnostics. Begin by downloading one of Evolve to Grow’s numerous free educational guides, 10 Simple Principles to Grow the Perfect Business, and become acquainted with the coaching approach to see if it is the right fit! 

8. Marvita Franklin

Meet another one of CoachCompare’s top female executive coaches, Marvita Franklin. With over 30 years of experience, Marvita is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), is a certified Project Management Professional, and is a Master Resilience Trainer.

Marvita is a coach for both businesses and individuals who are ready to “advance their careers and enhance their personal lives.”  The four pillars of Franklin’s executive coaching practice include:

  • Whole-person coaching
  • Strengths development
  • Capacity building
  • Goal setting

The best part about Marvita’s dedication to her prospective clients is her complimentary first-time coaching session! She wants to ensure that her clients can experience her coaching approach and ensure that she is the right fit to help benefit their careers.  

Where to Hire Executive Coaches

CoachCompare offers you the opportunity to browse hundreds of coaches for free. Use the keyword and specialty finder to hone in on the executive coach who will be the best match for you!

Now that you have explored the coaching approaches of executive coaches nationally and globally, it’s time to take that next step and advocate for your career dreams. Try CoachCompare and get started today!

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