CoachCompare Help & FAQs

How do I create a profile as a coach?

Just click here to add your profile, it’s completely free. You can also login to edit your profile at any time.

How do I edit my existing profile?

Click “For Coaches” in the top right corner of or go click here.

The sections of your CoachCompare coach profile:


This will display under your name, and is searchable

About You

This is the main section where you can explain who you are and what you offer. Feel free to make this as long as you make – we suggest shorter paragraphs with space in between to make this easy to read.


This can your website, your Paperbell shop, or a social media profile. If you don’t have anything you can just enter an X


This is where you’ll receive leads when a prospect fills out the form on CoachCompare – this address will not be made public.


Start typing to search for a category and click the plus button to add the category. We suggest adding no more than three categories, but you can add more. Keep in mind only the first few will show on your “preview” when clients are searching for you

Who I Help

This is freeform text so that you can enter your exact client speciality. If you’re a mindset coach for creative freelancers the “who I help” field is where you can enter searchable terms for the types of business you help. Click the plus button after each entry to add it. For example you could write creative freelancers, designers, writers, creators.


Add any coaching certifications that you hold, using the plus button to add each one. You can also leave this blank.

Help! My profile says something is missing and won’t go live.

The most common reason we see this is a missing category field – make sure you have selected at least one category! Or, your profile photo might be too large and be taking a very long time to upload. Try compressing it to a smaller file.

I completed my profile but I’m not seeing it on the site, what’s going on?

Have you confirmed your email address? Your profile can’t go live until you do. Search for an email called “Confirm your email address for CoachCompare” and click the link inside.

How many categories should I choose?

Note that only the first three categories you choose will show on the short overview of your profile. We recommend choosing no more than 5 categories so as not to overwhelm or confuse potential clients, but if more accurately describe you, you are welcome to choose more.

I don’t have a website yet, what do I put in that field?

You can put any social media profile, like your linkedin profile. Or you could sign up for a Paperbell free trial and put in your shop or package URL.

Is CoachCompare free?

Yes! We are are sponsored by our sister site, Paperbell. Paperbell is software to run your online coaching business – payments, scheduling, contract signing and more. Check it out and grab your free account!