The 12 Best Mindset Coaches to Set You Up for Success

Are you trying to reframe your mindset but struggling to do it on your own? A mindset coach could be the ideal solution for you!

But what does a talented mindset coach look like? And how can you find the best mindset coach for your unique situation?

Let’s look at some of the best mindset coaches available today!

12 Best Mindset Coaches 

Browse through these examples of some of the best mindset coaches you can hire right now!

1. Sarah McGregor

Sarah McGregor is an organizational and lifestyle coach. She helps women and business people to achieve their full career potential.

She’s dedicated to creating courses and developmental programs. These courses aim to nourish one’s resiliency and create a high-performance mindset.

She works with people one-on-one to tailor courses to their unique needs. She also offers group coaching for organizations to tackle any common issue or goal.

Sarah currently offers three services – coaching, courses, and healing.

2. Lowina Blackman

Lowina Blackman’s specialty is to help individuals achieve financial independence. She uses her holistic mindset coaching approach to reach this goal.

Instead of giving financial advice, she helps people improve their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels to transform their relationship with money.

Many reputable online sites, such as Yahoo Finance and Disrupt Magazine, featured Lowina. It was all to recognize her financial coaching programs and resources.

If starting a finance journey entices you, Lowina offers free resources for you to start!

3. Valentina Marzola

Empowerment Coach Valentina Marzola is the podcast host of Bravely You. It’s a show dedicated to empowering women.

This mindset mentor helps women transform their body image issues and insecurities into a source of unwavering self-confidence and power.

Valentina’s approach consists of one-on-one holistic coaching and a morning routine blueprint. Anyone can add this approach to their lifestyle with her help!

You can also work with her in a group coaching program if you enjoy hanging out with like-minded people.

4. Bridget Hom

Life Business Coach Bridget Hom created the “Law on Deservability” to help people harness their emotional intelligence and master their mindset.

She aims to assist people in achieving their limitless potential — all without sabotaging their relationships.

To achieve this, Bridget has a few programs available, including:

  • 90-Day Find Your Freedom Program: In this program, Bridget coaches entrepreneurs one-on-one with a tailored program. She dedicates herself to guiding start-ups to launch a career and guides successful business people to balance life and business.
  • Mindset and Strategy Consulting: This 60-minute session helps business people and entrepreneurs create mindset strategies for their business growth, all while customizing their marketing, communications, and branding.
  • 8-Weeks Self-Paced Find Your Freedom Program: Besides empowering yourself and developing a romance for life, this program allows you to access the group coaching experience named Find Your Freedom Live.

You can join their community, Bridge to Freedom Coaching Community for Entrepreneurs.

5. William Rees

William Reese’s approach to success and wellness has landed him a feature in Artful Living Magazine. He’s also a Board Member of the International Coaching Federation, MN Chapter. He even belongs to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee!

Additionally, he believes in the power of Transformational Coaching, teaching clients to:

  • Increase clarity and performance
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty
  • Motivate and maintain growth
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Lower rates of stress and anxiety
  • Improve creative problem solving
  • Increase immunity and longevity

If you want to test the waters for William Reese’s approach, you can book a free call with him.

6. Jessica Battle

Jessica Battle is not only a mindset coach but a writer, too. In her book, Battle for Growth, she shared her personal story as the foundation of how she discovered underlying issues could sabotage one’s relationship with themselves.

She’s dedicated to helping women make peace with their body image, heal their relationship with food, and welcome daily life with a grateful heart.

You can work with her through her courses and workbooks. You can also learn more through her podcast, The Queen of Pep Talks.

7. Ripuparna Ghosh

Ripuparna Ghosh is an accomplished writer and a transformational life coach. She especially focuses on assisting working professionals. 

This mindset coach caters to those struggling with a limiting mindset and guides them to building their own paths.

Her approach starts with “laughter conversations.” Then, she coaches them to look inwards to find their answers. 

She bases her coaching principles on the following:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Narrative Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Performance Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Existential Coaching

Ripuparna also coaches people on how to take the initial step — especially career-oriented people wanting to achieve personal growth and professional goals.

8. Lara Young

Lara Young is the mastermind behind the Mindset Coach Academy, which provides an extensive coach certification program.

Her goal is to help aspiring mindset coaches with the proper resources, tools, and support to achieve better results for their businesses and clients.

She accomplishes this by offering various programs catering to specific needs, which are:

  • The Mindset Coach Certification: This program offers modern transformational techniques, including powerful psychometric profiling tools. It helps and advocates for clients to achieve the best version of themselves.
  • The Coach Success Accelerator: This program is perfect for aspiring coaches with its intensive courses. It covers coaching masterclasses, coaching supervision, and a guide to building your business.

You can also learn more about coaching by listening to her podcast!

9. Sol Ballard

Lifestyle coach Sol Ballard offers a unique perspective on her coaching, thanks to her diverse media background. She helps people find their authentic self and encourage them to go on a journey to discover who they are.

She also hosts and produces a docuseries, MBody. In this series, she motivates her viewers to challenge conventional thinking and try alternative practices to find their path.

Sol currently works with people one-on-one through private coaching but also offers on-camera video coaching.

10. Chrissy Papetti

Chrissy Papetti is a mindset and success coach who helps people reach their full potential with nothing holding them back. She believes that everyone has an untapped potential waiting to be activated once one learns to master how to use it.

She has been featured in multiple outlets, such as Yahoo Finance and Authority Magazine, for her valuable input to self-mastery and awakening. 

Chrissy guides people in achieving their goals with her Multidimensional Mastery Method, which covers mindset, energy, purpose, and identity.

11. Elliot Roe

Mindset and Performance Coach Elliot Roe guides people to unlock their full potential to perform on demand. He believes building your mindset can improve your focus and strengthen your determination.

He offers a course called Performance Coaching for Rapid Growth, which is one-on-one coaching to unlock deeper levels of happiness and satisfaction.

The course is perfect for high-performing employees suffering from a career plateau or unhappy with their current position.

You can also listen to his podcast where he interviews top minds sharing their effective mindsets and strategies.

12. Helen Uskovic

Helen Uskovic, also known as Self-Care Queen, is not only a life coach — she’s also a Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, and NLP coach and practitioner.

She helps teens and women over 40 who struggle to find their identity. Not only does she successfully guide them, but she also directs them to find happiness, improve their self-confidence, and build soulful relationships along the way.

If Helen’s approach interests you, she also has a podcast you can check out!

13. Sapna Chandrasekaran

Sapna is an international speaker and author, empowering her coaching clients to unlock a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

Through her signature process, The Unstoppable You, she helps you overcome your mindset to unlock your potential. She also won the Transformational Leader Award in 2022 and is part of 2022’s Top 15 Exemplary Women. 

You can get in touch with Sapna today by sending her a message on CoachCompare. 

14. Kelly Wood

Kelly is a holistic lifestyle and mindset coach who specializes in working with women. She helps her clients uncover their truth using energy work and other natural healing methods.

By working with Kelly, clients learn to listen and trust their inner voices. After struggling with her own limiting beliefs for years, she experienced the mindset shifts that helped her achieve an authentic and fulfilling life, which is why she’s passionate about helping her clients do the same.

You can work with Kelly one-on-one or in a group setting. Get in touch by sending her a message on CoachCompare.

Where to Look for a Mindset Coach

Now that you have met an incredible set of mindset coaches, you might be motivated to hire one. But you might be confused about who to pick and where to start!

Before you randomly select a coach, you need to take a moment and check your needs. Use this as a guide to finding the right mindset coach for you.

1. Look at social media followers of the top mindset coaches

Although not a fast rule, social media followers can show whether the coach is legitimate. At the same time, check whether other mindset coaches follow them.

It can mean that they follow this particular top mindset coach for inspiration. But having a number of social media followers does not mean they’re the right one for you.

So, make sure their principles and content align with yours.

2. Ask your friends and family

You might have heard from a relative or a friend who shared about their own brilliant mindset coach. You can learn more about them as a potential choice for you.

Make sure to ask about a mindset coach with friends and family with whom you share some similarities. If you are both middle-aged career women, then it could mean that this mindset coach caters to the same demographic.

3. Create a free CoachCompare account

CoachCompare is a free coaching directory listing coaches from different specialties. You can search by keyword, specialty, and category to find the right coach for your needs.

It currently lists more than 500 Mindset Coaches alone, so you’ll have many options to choose from! Each mindset coach caters to specific fields of mindset coaching, which means you can find someone who meets your exact needs.

You can learn more about each mindset coach in CoachCompare just by clicking on their profile. All the necessary information you need is available, including their website. You can also directly send them a message directly on the platform.

Find Your Ideal Mindset Coach Today

Now you know what an amazing mindset coach can do for you. While many of these coaches are out of reach for most people, you can find a mindset coach that fits your needs right here on CoachCompare! 

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