5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Spiritual Coach and Where to Find the Right One

You’re probably here because you had a hunch that a spiritual coach might be able to guide you on your path forward. You may have been considering working with one, or this might be the first time you ever read about this type of coaching.

Either way, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about:

  • What a spiritual coach is
  • How they differ from other coaches like life coaches
  • How you can benefit from hiring a spiritual coach
  • The types of spiritual coaches you can consider
  • How much they typically cost
  • And where you can find the right one for you

What Is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is a professional who helps people find spiritual alignment and fulfillment in their lives. Their approach goes beyond the material world and explores themes related to the soul.

Spiritual coaching is a more intuitive process than most other types of coaching that deal with matters of the physical world. A spiritual coach provides a holistic view and explores questions such as who you really are and what your purpose is in this life.

When you work with a spiritual coach, you likely begin to see fundamental positive changes appearing in all areas of your life. Your problems might not disappear, but you can rise above them with a higher perspective, approach them with more wisdom, and cultivate an inner strength that will help you get through them.

Life Coaches VS Spiritual Coaches: What’s The Difference?

Although spiritual and life coaching might have a lot in common, a spiritual coach tends to use a deeper and more holistic approach. Instead of fixing symptoms, they dig deeper to find the root cause of your problems.

On the other hand, life coaches typically use a more practical methodology. Instead of going within, they might suggest taking action on the areas in your life that need changing.

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Neither approach is right nor wrong. In fact, life coaching and spiritual coaching can often lead to the very same outcome, they simply take a different route. What’s important is that you resonate with the tools and the language your coach uses; otherwise, you will likely face resistance on your coaching journey which may hinder your growth.

A spiritual coach may talk about finding your connection to the divine, working with the universe to achieve your dreams, and stepping into your power. If that’s the kind of language and approach that you personally connect with, spiritual coaching may turn out to be deeply transformational for you.

5 Powerful Benefits of Spiritual Coaching

Greater Peace and Tranquility

You might not become the Dalai lama overnight, but working with a spiritual coach will definitely help you find more peace within yourself amid the chaos of our modern society. You may find a stronger connection between your mind, body, and soul, creating a ripple effect of a better balance between the different areas of your life.

This sense of calm and reduced anxiety will lead to cultivating stronger resilience in your life as well. Even if the challenges you’re facing right now remain, you will develop an inner strength to help you through them.

Inner Confidence

When our confidence is attached to external things like our possessions, status, wealth, or the way we look, it’s inevitably fragile. It makes you constantly fear losing them and when you do, your self-esteem goes with it.

A spiritual coach can help you work on your inner confidence and cultivate a more centered self. When your self-esteem comes from within, you won’t be as easily shaken by the changes that occur in your life because you’ll be able to define who you really are independent of the things you own.

Higher Perspective

One of the most powerful benefits of working with a spiritual coach is that. Eventually, you’ll become your own guide. You’ll have a higher perspective on life that will help you rise above your everyday difficulties. The problems that were daunting to you before will seem small, and you’ll find more wisdom within yourself to choose how you want to deal with them. This sense of direction will ultimately help you to find your own spiritual path and live life more consciously.

Stronger Intuition

A beautiful side effect of spiritual coaching is that you’ll develop a strong sense of intuition. You’ll start to question the laws of society and make more conscious choices that align with what feels right for you instead of what you think you “should” do.

Intuition is like a muscle we can all develop when we pay close attention to its subtle nudges. If you notice strange coincidences or synchronicities in your life, that’s your intuition at work.


Lastly, spiritual coaching can help you manifest your true desires in life. Although manifestation has become quite a buzzword lately (#LuckyGirlSyndrome anyone?), there’s more to this concept than wishful thinking and reciting affirmations.

Learning how to manifest your vision starts with exploring what you really want instead of goals imposed on you by your family, environment, or society. Spiritual practices can then help you align these intentions with your actions and move toward your future vision with more clarity and ease.

Types of Spiritual Coaches

If there’s one type of coaching that can’t be put into boxes, it’s spiritual coaching. However, there’s a clear difference between coaches who represent a particular religion (aka an organized system built on a particular code of conduct) and those who are spiritual but don’t belong to a social institution.

You may have already decided whether you belong to a particular religion or you consider yourself spiritual but not religious. Or you may be at a stage where you’re still exploring different religious and spiritual belief systems, which is completely okay. What matters is that you choose the coach you resonate with.

Religious Spiritual Coaches

Some coaches openly call themselves Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist life coaches and represent the teachings of a particular religion. Others go by the title life coach but incorporate elements of these belief systems into their methodology. You can easily find this out during a discovery session with your coach.

You can choose a religious or spiritual coach whether or not you belong to that religion. Just make sure that whatever they teach, they give you the space to reach your own conclusions. If you feel that certain behaviors or actions are expected from you without respecting your freedom to choose, it’s a red flag, and you should probably part ways.

Secular Or Non-Religious Spiritual Coaches

Most spiritual coaches consider themselves spiritual but not religious, and they operate based on freedom of belief. They may refer to the divine (or any higher power you personally resonate with), or they simply talk about humanistic qualities such as compassion, patience, forgiveness, self-responsibility, or harmony.

Spiritual coaches may go by many names, such as embodiment coaches, conscious living coaches, manifestation coaches, and so on. These are not categories but personal definitions of coaching professionals.

What sets spiritual coaches apart is the methodology they use. Some of the common tools spiritual coaches may incorporate into their practice are:

  • Women’s or men’s circles accessing divine masculine or feminine energies
  • Coaching practices to heal from traumas
  • Reiki healing
  • Chakra healing
  • Energy work
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Crystal healing
  • Sound healing
  • Guided meditation

Spiritual coaches who work with energy typically prefer to meet in person, but many other spiritual coaches offer online coaching from anywhere in the world.

How Much Does a Spiritual Life Coach Cost

Yes, spiritual coaches also live in the real world and need income to pay the bills. More importantly, they deserve a contribution for their hard work and energy invested in your growth. 

Their fees may greatly vary from country to country, but in the US, the average price of an hourly session with a coach is between $90-$150. Spiritual coaching and healing work are normally similarly priced, but they can show larger differences because of the individual nature of these services.

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Some spiritual coaches offer a one-off healing session, while others have packages that consist of a number of sessions and services involving different healing modalities. The impact of these sessions is very personal and can’t be put on a scale. It’s best not to look at the price tag first but consider how working with a particular spiritual coach can serve you.

Spiritual coaches often organize small events and group sessions such as women’s or men’s circles, group meditations, or other community events. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to working with them yet, attending one of these sessions can be a great way to get a sense of who your coach is and how they work with people.

How To Find a Spiritual Life Coach

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