We Found the 9 Best Dating Coaches Money Can Buy

Does dating sometimes feel like pulling teeth? Do you wish you had someone to vet your every move — or at least give you a boost of confidence?

Luckily, there are people trained exactly for this purpose. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about dating coaches, including how to find one you’ll love!

What is a dating coach? 

Dating coaches fall under the category of life coaches. Instead of supporting their clients with their life goals, they help clients achieve success in their dating lives. A dating coach can teach you dating techniques that work for online or offline dating, but they can also help you boost your confidence so you can attract the people you’re looking for. 

Something important to note is that dating coaches are not relationship coaches! A dating coach focuses on the dating aspect of your love life. On the other hand, a relationship coach will help you strengthen your long-term relationships — even if you’re single.

Here are some of the things you can get support with when you hire a dating coach:

  • Gaining more effective flirting skills and techniques
  • Knowing how to use body language to your advantage
  • Learning how to dress better for dates
  • Getting back into the dating game after being “off the market” for a long time
  • Helping you establish dating goals that make sense for you
  • Crafting your dating profile to put your best foot forward

If you don’t feel 100% confident putting yourself out there, a dating coach can help you get there! Even celebrities hire coaches all the time.

9 of the best dating coaches

What makes a good dating coach, and who are some of the best coaches out there? Let’s meet 9 of the best dating coaches still practicing today.

3 best dating coaches for all genders

1. Cora Boyd

Cora Boyd is a professional dating coach, but she’s also a relationship coach. Her focus is on millennials, and she helps them achieve a fulfilling love life. 

In her role as a matchmaker, she held thousands of interviews and learned almost everything there is to know about today’s dating scene. Because of this, Cora understands the challenges singles have to overcome today.

Today, her dating coaching business has helped over 32,000 people! She supports celebrities, Silicon Valley executives, and even Ivy League professors to help them gain more confidence in the dating world. 

Cora supports her clients through her signature 3-month program, but you can also catch her on her podcast, Pillow Talk Radio.

2. Joseph and Paris Dixon

If you’re looking for a power couple to show you the ropes of the dating world, look no further than Joseph and Paris Dixon! These two matchmaking powerhouses specialize in helping African-American singles connect and find true love.

To improve their matchmaking services, the Dixons have dedicated their lives to studying how communication and interpersonal relationships can help people of color connect in an authentic way. This knowledge has helped them understand the dating world within black culture, which let them develop their matchmaking apps.

Joseph and Paris don’t work alone. They have an entire team of dating professionals that help them develop dating strategies for their clients. In addition to their apps, they work with clients such as professional athletes, CEOs, business executives, and other high-performing black professionals.

3. Faith Busby

Faith Busby didn’t start as a dating coach. In fact, she had a successful career in tech and real estate before she became a professional matchmaker! While she began her career with one of the largest matchmaking websites in the world, Faith now has her own matchmaking business.

Serving both men and women, Faith helps singles find long-term partners for committed relationships. To achieve this, she guides her clients through successful dates and helps them turn dating into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

She understands the complexities of interpersonal relationships and supports her clients to date with long-term love in mind. Many times, she has even supported clients all the way to marriage!

3 best dating coaches for women

1. Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder specializes in helping ambitious and high-achieving women attract lasting romantic love. She has more than 80k followers across the world and has worked with celebrity clients as well as bankers, lawyers, doctors, and more.

Ever since 2016, her company has recorded over 250 engagements! To achieve this, Sami teaches high-value dating behaviors and helps her clients harness feminine energy while respecting their boundaries.

Singles can work with Sami through online courses and coaching programs, although she also offers VIP private coaching. Her company also hosts luxury retreats! 

If you want to get to know Sami and her dating techniques, she also has plenty of free resources on her website.

2. Megan Weks

Megan Weks is the creator of the popular program, “The Manfunnel® Method”. In this program, she helps high-achieving women attract quality partners that can meet their needs. 

Because of her experience in her high-pressure sales job, Megan understands how to perform under pressure in the dating world. Instead of helping her clients with linear dating methods, she uses a defined framework of strategies that can be compared to learning a new language. Some examples include:

  • Oxytocin Cloud™
  • The art of Nexting
  • The Exploratory Phase™
  • Excited Man Babble™

With these strategies, Megan helps women understand the psychology behind men’s behaviors in the dating sphere. But she also helps them express their magnetic energy to attract these men — and to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

3. Evan Marc Katz

Although Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach, he prefers to call himself a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women”. He’s been helping women in their dating lives ever since 2003!

In addition to his 6-month video course Love U, Evan is also the author of four books. His signature program helps women fully understand how men function so they can find love.

This dating coach caters to women who have everything EXCEPT their man. To learn more about his strategies, you can listen to his podcast, The Love U Podcast, or take his dating quiz. In one of his latest podcast episodes, he explains why it’s so difficult for successful women to date men who are also successful.

3 best dating coaches for men

1. Emyli Lovz

Data-driven dating coach Emyli Lovz has an entire dedicated team of dating coaches, but it all began when she completed a 100-date research experiment several years ago. Her findings are what drives her to help men using her MegaDating theory.

She has personally coached over 1,250 men over the last decade. Right now, she runs 3-month coaching programs in which she provides chat support via Slack, but her team also helps men with other aspects of their dating lives, including:

  • Styling
  • Mock dates
  • Matchmaking
  • Love coaching

Emyli’s approach involves dating multiple people at the same time. This helps men increase their confidence and diffuse their energy.

2. Eric Muraven

Eric Muraven specifically works with single Gen X men who are tired of feeling frustrated in their dating lives. His approach, the Dating Ace Bulletproof System, is an online coaching program that’s a hybrid between prerecorded lessons and live coaching sessions.

This dating coach is ideal for people who are newly single and have just re-entered the dating world. 

You can get started with Dating Ace with a free 30-minute coaching assessment. Eric also coaches men in group classes or individual coaching packages. 

3. Pratik Jain

One of the leaders of the dating coach industry in India, Pratik Jain has coached hundreds of men of all ages and backgrounds. Pratik is different from traditional dating coaches found in India and focuses on helping men redefine their masculine and feminine dynamics.

His goal is to create a world in which men can be socially graceful yet unapologetically expressive. To do this, he helps men not just learn better dating techniques, but also to develop social intelligence.

Newcomers to Pratik’s world can take his 8-week initiation coaching program. Additional programs by this dating coach include:

  • The Metamorphosis program
  • Introductory program
  • Specifics program (tailored to each individual man)

He also provides intensive in-person coaching for those who have the mental capacity to dive into a new dimension of life and dating. 

Where to find the best dating coaches

Have you decided you want to work with a dating coach? If so, you may need help to find the ideal dating coach who has the skills to help you achieve your specific dating goals. 

The first step is to figure out what you want to get out of the coaching experience. You should at least get some idea of what you want your dating coach to support you in.

For example, some people struggle with body language. Others have no idea what to write in their dating profiles to attract the type of people they want.

It’s important to know what you want because not all dating coaches have the same expertise. You’ll be able to perform a more targeted search when you know who you’re looking for. 

Did you know that CoachCompare can help you find the exact dating coach you need? You can look through life coaches who are categorized as dating coaches, but you can also vet each potential coach by looking at their certifications and specific skill sets. This helps you get a feel for someone before you book a free discovery session.

Before you hire your dating coach, make sure to let them know your expectations. The more specific you can be in your discovery session, the better your potential coach will be able to tell if they can help you or not. That’s the key to a successful coaching relationship!

Find the perfect dating coach to support your love life

No need to extend your search! Start using CoachCompare to find a dating coach who vibes with you on every level.

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