Who Are the Best Relationship Coaches? (16 to Check Out)

Whether you’re looking for the relationship of your dreams or simply want to make the most of your existing relationship, there’s no one better to help than a relationship coach. Each coach has a different approach to finding love, healing relationships, and getting the most out of your love life.

Let’s look at 16 of the best relationship coaches you can learn from right now!

The 16 best relationship coaches to start following now

1. Dr. Laura Berman

Dr. Laura Berman’s main purpose is to help her clients and students reach their full potential in love, sex, and relationships. She’s been featured on television, radio, and in written media, in addition to writing her book: You’re Not Crazy… You’re Just Ascending.

You can get Dr. Laura’s help through her books and courses, which include:

  • Sexual Healing (in collaboration with Teal Swan)
  • 7 Days to Better Sex
  • The Better Love Program

Another way to get started with Dr. Laura is to take her free quiz that guides you to find out what you really want in love.

2. Kelly Brändli

Kelly Brändli’s specialty is helping divorced men and women find love again and build extraordinary relationships. Whether you’re newly divorced or have already been divorced for a while, she wants to help you find love again.

Kelly hosts coaching retreats in addition to group coaching sessions and matchmaking services. She’s also been featured on Tony Robbin’s 10-part mini-series, The 10 Disciplines of Love.

3. Leia Gamache

With over 18 years of experience in relationship, career, personal empowerment, and wellness coaching, Leia Gamache helps people take their relationship with life (and their partners) to the next level.

Instead of encouraging her clients and students to just work out the kinks, she helps them create lifestyle choices that are based in pleasure. Her work supports healing through intuitive counseling and private mentorships.

Leia currently works with her clients one-on-one, including an introductory session priced at only $45. 

4. Jaime Bronstein

Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, has been named the #1 relationship coach by Yahoo Finance! She’s also the host of the Love Talk Live podcast, where she discusses all things relationships with her guests and co-hosts. 

Jaime has been a coach for the past 20 years and teaches people how to:

  • Heal past trauma
  • Love themselves unconditionally
  • Tap into their inner strength and intuitions
  • Become vulnerable
  • Achieve relationship goals by living more authentically

She offers one-on-one coaching sessions for singles, daters, couples, spouses, and people navigating breakups and divorces. If you want to read her advice, you can also check out her blog or read one of her published works in the media.

5. Angela N. Holton

Angela N. Holton is a relationship expert who has created an internationally renowned teaching approach called the Conscious Dating Method. She coaches people through this method in a 9-week online course, which is designed to help people:

  • Fall in love with themselves and manifest love to enter their lives
  • Heal from past relationships
  • Build their relationship skills
  • Attract healthier relationships and dates
  • Become more confident
  • Improve (or restore) existing love relationships and marriage
  • Create secure attachments
  • End negative cycles and unhealthy relationships
  • Stop sabotaging their relationships
  • And so much more

Angela has been featured on several online and television segments such as Great Day Live Tampa Bay and FOX Soul. 

6. Dr. Wendy Walsh 

Dr. Wendy Walsh uses “the science of love” to showcase how interpersonal relationships can influence your mental and physical health. She has published several books, including:

  • The 30-day Love Detox
  • The Girlfriend Test
  • The Boyfriend Test

You can also listen to her radio show, “The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show”, to listen to her explain what’s behind human behaviors involved in love, sex, dating, and so much more. 

7. Dr. Morgan Anderson

Dr. Morgan Anderson is an expert on attachment theory in addition to being a clinical psychologist and relationship coach! 

Her mission is simple: help women raise their self-worth to finally jump off the dating rollercoaster and start attracting healthy relationships. To achieve this mission, she has several coaching programs and resources available, including:

  • E.S.L. Relationship Program: Empowered.Secure.Love Program is an 8-week coaching program that helps lonely women to become loved, empowered, and secure in their relationships.
  • Let’s Get Vulnerable Podcast: In this podcast, Dr. Morgan delivers actionable advice about communication, dating, self-worth, and attachment theory.
  • Successful Women, Great Relationships: This is a free Facebook group designed to support women in a one-to-many setting.

If you want to dip your toes into Dr. Morgan’s universe, you can also take her free attachment-style quiz.

8. Donna Barnes

Donna Barnes isn’t just a relationship coach, but a heartbreak coach, too. She’s dedicated to helping her audience fix what’s broken in their lives and relationships.

In addition to her dating and breakup coaching, she offers self-paced online courses such as My Beset Me Action Plan and Breakup Recovery Action Plan. You can also read her book, Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships.

Finally, Donna Barnes is also a matchmaker! She created Tawkify, which can be described as a romance Rolodex where you’ll get a personal concierge to help you meet your person.

9. Meredith Goldstein

Meredith Goldstein is a reporter for the Boston Globe, for which she also writes an advice column called Love Letters. 

In addition to her work for the Boston Globe, she’s also written Can’t Help Myself, a memoir about her time as an advice columnist.

You’ll learn about her take on love and relationships by reading her column or listening to the podcast version, The Love Letters Podcast.

10. Mazen Edlibi

Mazen Edlibi is a positive and mental fitness coach — although he doesn’t solely help people with relationships, his approach to helping people develop healthy habits and skills can trickle directly into the way you handle relationships.

He bases his principles on neuroscience and helps people rediscover their true selves so they can thrive and achieve meaning in their lives. 

11. Debbie Rivers

Debbie Rivers is a relationship expert who has over a decade of experience helping singles and couples bring back fun and possibility into their dating lives. She achieves this via several methods, such as:

  • Hosting singles events in her local area in Perth, Australia
  • Offering her services as a “wingman for hire”
  • Shooting portrait sessions 
  • Writing online profiles for people who struggle to come up with their own
  • Online dating programs
  • Dating and relationship coaching

You can also learn about her approach through her podcast, Dare 2 Date.

12. Harry Uddoh

Harry Uddoh is a relationship and dating coach who helps people take charge of their romantic lives. He’s dedicated to helping his clients and students identify and resolve the underlying issues that interfere with their intimate lives and erotic selves.

Not only does he teach you how to successfully navigate the complexities of dating, but he also provides tangible steps to have better sex with your partner.

You can work with him through The Harry Uddoh Live Group Coaching program, or you can listen to his advice via his podcast, Thinkerooh talks.

13. Dr. Terri Orbuch

Dr. Terri Orbuch, also known as The Love Doctor, is a relationship expert, author of 2 bestselling books, research scientist, professor, and so much more! Her specialty is helping people understand how their compatibility with others works in romantic relationships.

She works with people one-on-one for dating and relationship coaching, but she also offers email or text chat support for those who need quick advice. 

Finally, she offers a course people can do at their own pace, called Relationship Foundations.

14. Dr. Debby Herbenick

Professor and sex researcher Dr. Debby Herbenick is the author of 6 books and 190+ scientific publications covering topics such as:

  • Sexual communication
  • Consensual non-monogamy
  • The use of consumer sexual health and enhancement products
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Sexual pleasure and masturbation

She currently teaches at Indiana University but doesn’t take private coaching clients. However, there’s a lot you can learn from her through her books and media.

15. Jiveny Blair-West

Dating and attraction coach Jiveny Blair-West is the co-author of How To Make The Biggest Decision Of Your Life: unlocking the secrets to a healthy, lasting relationship. She helps singles look past superficial attraction strategies so they can build sustainable attraction with their partners. 

In addition to her coaching services, she also offers self-study courses The Winning Hand and The Alchemy of Attraction.

Watch out for her new course, Dating For Love, which is coming soon!

16. Dr. Robert Turner

Dr. Robert Turner has 40 years of pastoral experience behind him to help people build healthy relationships and live to their fullest potential. Since his beginnings as a relationship coach in 2013, he has now held over 2,000 coaching sessions!

He helps people who:

  • Feel lonely in their relationships
  • Are thinking of canceling their wedding or breaking up
  • Are in a relationship with someone who feels more like a roommate than a lover
  • Aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit for life 
  • Want more fun and romance in their lives
  • Have a fear of “settling” for their current partner and need help figuring out how their partner fits in their lives

His coaching approach helps families implement generative change and become more self-aware. In addition to relationship coaching, he also coaches faith leaders who are considering leaving the profession due to burnout or conflicting expectations. 

Find the perfect match with a relationship coach

Now that you’ve found some of the best relationship coaches, you may be inspired to hire a coach according to your specific needs.  

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