3 Reasons Why You Need a Confidence Coach and Where to Find the Perfect One

Our self-confidence affects every area of our lives, from our wellbeing and relationships to our performance and careers. Many of us struggle with finding confidence in ourselves when we need it and instead feel held back by our inner critic. Social media can exacerbate that feeling by setting an impossible standard for us through a posed reality that makes us compare our worst moments to another person’s best.

Luckily, confidence can be learned. Confidence coaches help clients strengthen their self-esteem and resolve any habits of self-sabotage so they can show up fully in all areas of their lives. They use a wide range of coaching tools to help them overcome self-doubt and cultivate a strong character.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of:

  • What a confidence coach does
  • The types of confidence coaches you can find
  • Why it’s worth working with them
  • How much they cost
  • And where you can find your own confidence coach

What Is A Confidence Coach?

Confidence coaches work with clients to help them increase their self-esteem. This positive change in their self-image often improves their mental health, career performance, and relationships as well.

Confidence coaches may use different tools to achieve this. Here are a few examples:

  • Talk therapy
  • Coaching frameworks
  • Visualization and guided meditation exercises
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Each coaching professional has their own unique methodology to bring positive change into their client’s life. Some might focus on tackling childhood trauma and subconscious behavior patterns, while others help them visualize their ideal self and take action steps toward it.

What Types Of Confidence Coaches Can I Work With?

Confidence coaches are all after the same outcome, boosting your self-esteem. However, they may focus on different areas of life and specialize in the one where they are most effective. Here are the types of confidence coaches you can consider working with.

Inner Confidence And Identity Coaches

The root of all our self-esteem issues stems from the image we hold about ourselves, in other words, our identity. If we try to muster up outward confidence without dealing with our innermost feelings first, we project a false identity. Our confidence remains fragile and easily shaken by the circumstances surrounding us and other people’s opinions.

To restore our personal power, we need to resolve our behavioral patterns of self-loathing and criticism. A confidence coach specializing in this area helps you identify situations where your inner critic takes over, and you may sabotage yourself. They help you change your behavior to a more empowering one and choose praise over criticism. This way, you’ll also be more resilient in the face of negative criticism from others.

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Body Confidence Coaches

Body confidence issues can affect how you feel when you look in the mirror, go to the beach, or shop for clothes. It can influence your social life, relationships, and sex life as well. Unfortunately, these feelings are more common than we think, with one in five people feeling ashamed of how they look.

Issues with body confidence are more common among women and queer people, but they can affect all genders. A body confidence coach can help you improve your body image which will positively influence your sexual confidence. They can teach you how to love and accept your body so you can feel content with how you look and let go of the illusion of a “perfect body.”

More severe cases of body confidence issues, such as body dysmorphia or eating disorders, are best handled by a mental health provider. If you or your loved one is struggling with these conditions, seek a professional with adequate credentials to treat them.

Social Confidence Coaches

Our social confidence affects our comfort level when being around others and our expectations of how they perceive us. People who experience social anxiety find it hard to navigate necessary social situations, make friends, and date others. Introverts, highly sensitive people (HSP), and other individuals with neurodivergence find social situations particularly difficult to manage but it can be a challenge for all people.

A social confidence coach can help you adopt tools and strategies to ease social anxiety, find the courage to be your authentic self around others, and show up more confidently. Coaches who specialize in this area will help you navigate meetings, conversations with strangers, and other key social situations better over time as you cultivate new social skills.

Career Confidence Coach

A career confidence coach helps you develop higher self-esteem at the workplace or in your business so you can perform better. They can help you navigate imposter syndrome, become more persuasive, and get better at selling (including the art of selling yourself).

Career confidence in leadership roles requires a firm stance and assertive communication. This outward confidence can be learned and enhanced with certain coaching tools, but they are most effective once you’ve already worked on your inner confidence and identity. If you feel integrated with your true identity, developing career confidence is just a matter of practice.

The 3 Main Benefits Of Confidence Coaching

Better Mental Health

Working on your confidence can positively affect your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety levels. As you cultivate healthy self-esteem, you’ll notice that everyday triggers don’t get to you as easily.

Higher confidence can improve your sleep quality, digestive health, mental clarity, and focus as well. If you’re suffering from any health condition caused or aggravated by high levels of stress, gaining self-confidence can help alleviate those symptoms and create a better balance in your life.

It’s normal for confidence and stress levels to fluctuate. We all have days when we don’t feel as self-assured, and we all face doubts from time to time. However, as you start to strengthen your confidence muscle, you’ll find that you’re able to bounce back from those difficult moments sooner with more resilience.

Improved Social Life

Higher self-esteem can also positively affect your relationships. When you feel calm and centered, you can convey a sense of personal power and show up as your most authentic self in social situations. You’ll be less affected by criticism from others and can manage conflicts better.

Your newfound confidence can inspire an even more profound change in your close relationships. We tend to get most triggered by those we love and project our insecurities on them in times of distress. As you learn to catch the voice of your inner critic and regain confidence, you’ll be able to show up as your best and most complete self for your friends and loved ones. You will have more patience to navigate inevitable disagreements, get better at setting healthy boundaries, and create more intimacy in your most treasured relationships.

Higher Performance

Strong self-esteem is perhaps most visible in a professional setting. We all dream of walking into meetings feeling put together and beaming with confidence, making a powerful impression on our colleagues and clients. We can be more persuasive and assertive when we feel self-assured, and we can race through our to-do lists more efficiently as well.

Improving your confidence can make you more charismatic and likable in your workplace or business, which can help your career advancement. When you believe in yourself, you give a reason for others to believe in you too, which is key to strong leadership.

How Much Does A Confidence Coach Cost?

With all these amazing benefits, confidence coaching is worth every penny. But how much does it actually cost to hire a confidence coach? 

Coaching fees may vary from country to country and they also depend on the experience level, clientele, and specialization of the coach. The average price coaching professionals charge for a single session in the US is $90-$150.

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Some coaches require a commitment from clients to a certain number of coaching sessions or a particular time period working together. Others offer packages with a reduced session rate or additional courses, materials, and benefits within the same coaching program. You can also find coaching workshops and group coaching programs that revolve around the topic of confidence, where you can benefit from peer-to-peer learning and accountability.

How To Find A Confidence Coach

Wondering where to find the perfect confidence coach to bring out your best self? Have a look at CoachCompare, a free directory of coaching professionals.

CoachCompare makes it easy to search for vetted coach profiles with the exact specialization or background you’re looking for. Just type in a few keywords in the search bar or navigate coaching niches with the assigned tags found under each profile.

Try CoachCompare now and find the perfect confidence coach today.

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